2016, I got this.

I typically don’t look forward to the new year. To me, it has always felt like any other night. As I look back, in my mind, it was because, for some reason, I have never felt that I had anything to look forward to. Nothing to really be excited about. I know, kind of sad. But something happened last night. I caught myself feeling excited. Motivated for what is to come. Excited that I have something to look forward to – the next step.Continue Reading..

It’s Just Me | Monica, the baker

I believe with all my might that everything happens for a reason. Everything I have experienced and gone through my whole life has prepared me for this. It has not been easy. It has been and continues to be a journey with some smooth riding, some detours and some bumps on the road. But the destination always remained the same – find my passion and do what it takes to make it happen!Continue Reading..

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